New TV series follows Brooklyn residents looking to make it in restaurant industry

A new show “Me or the Menu” follows four pairs that are working to fulfill their dreams of running a successful restaurant, including a Brooklyn team.
“There’s many challenges but there’s a lot of rewards when you build something together, you see the fruits of your labor,” said Randi Lee, who alongside Jeanette Zinno, is one of the four restaurants being tracked through the ups and downs.
Lee and Zinno opened Leland Eating and Drinking House in Prospect Heights during the height of the pandemic, and now the fate of their business is up in the air as the couple feels the pressures of the industry.
The show sheds light on why roughly 60% of restaurants fail.
Zinno has invested thousands of dollars into their restaurant and even put her travel career on the back burner to help.
Will Lee and Zinno be able to stand the test of time? You can catch “Me or the Menu” on the Food Network and Discovery+ on Thursdays at 10 p.m.