NYC reaches agreement with ghost gun online retailer in fight against gun violence

New York City claimed a win Tuesday night in the fight against gun violence after reaching an agreement with a ghost gun retailer they say has sold ghost gun parts to New Yorkers.
Mayor Eric Adams announced the agreement with Salvo Technologies, preventing the sale of gun parts to city residents and implementing a way to bar sales in the future.
This is the third agreement of its kind that the city has reached with gun makers.
Mayor Eric Adams has said in the past that gun manufacturers play a role in feeding violence in New York City.
According to the NYPD, shootings have dropped 30% this August compared to August 2021, and that murders have dropped by over 50% in that time span.
There have been 405 gun arrests compared to the 349 during this time last year.
While the city has come to agreements with three gun makers, they are continuing to move forward in the fight against gun violence with ongoing lawsuits against two other gunmakers.