NYPD: Woman fatally struck by Jeep in Williamsburg

A 68-year-old woman was fatally struck by a Jeep in Williamsburg late Wednesday morning, according to the NYPD.  
Police say the victim was found unconscious and unresponsive at the intersection of Broadway and Flushing Avenue. They say the incident took place at around 10:30 a.m. 
The driver of the Jeep that fatally struck the woman was a 17-year-old girl who remained on the scene.  
Investigators say that the 68-year-old woman was walking in the crosswalk across Broadway when she fell and tripped in front of the Jeep, which was traveling eastbound on Broadway before striking the victim.  
Community members say that Broadway has turned into a racetrack and that the people in the area need traffic enforcement.  
“We need police officers directing the traffic,” said Albertini, a Brooklyn resident. “You see a police officer, they have a little respect… it’s crazy. They need to do something.” 
At this time, the NYPD says there is no criminality in this incident and the investigation is ongoing.