Officials, students call for change following anti-Semitism acts on CUNY campuses

A call for change was heard today to put a stop to what some are calling anti-Semitism on CUNY campuses.
Students and faculty from CUNY schools were testifying today saying they've been victims of anti-Semitism on campus.
Councilmember Inna Vernikov and others wearing shirts that said, "End Jew Hatred." They stood on the steps of city hall calling on the CUNY schools chancellor to address what they say is anti-Semitism happening on campuses.
"Students and professors who are Jewish are intimidated. They have been discriminated against. They are afraid to go to school, they are afraid to express their opinions. If they are pro-Israel, they're afraid to talk about that," says Councilmember Vernikov.
A number of people who say they've been victims of anti-Semitism were testifying at the public hearing. A few CUNY employees did speak during the hearing saying campuses must allow all political opinions and that CUNY has taken other steps to address anti-Semitism.
Councilmember Vernikov says the hearing was postponed from earlier this month so that the chancellor could attend. She says he backed out the night before.
"Him not showing up is actually perpetuating the anti-Semitism that we're talking about here. This is why we're having this problem because nobody is being held accountable," Vernikov says.
Vernikov adds she is holding another hearing that the CUY chancellor can attend.