Organizers: Art installation that highlights President Trump's inaccuracies vandalized

An art installation in Bushwick that highlights what organizers say are President Donald Trump's inaccuracies was vandalized less than a week after being unveiled.
Rips and graffiti are spread across a 50-foot banner that local radio station Radio Free Brooklyn calls the Wall of Lies.
Organizers say they put the wall up last Saturday to show a visual representation of the information, and by Wednesday it was spray-painted with slogans saying "Vote Trump or die" and "Stand back & stand by," a phrase recently used by the president, which has since been covered up.
Organizers say while they say they're not trying to use the wall to sway anyone's decisions in the upcoming election, they say they felt the need to express themselves. So, with the help of funds raised on GoFundMe, they say they're looking to make another wall in a new location.
As for the vandalized banner, they say they're planning to keep it up on the fence on Grattan Street.