Revel to end all NYC moped services

Revel announced on Friday, in an email to its employees, that all moped services will come to an end on Nov. 18.
New York and San Franciso were Revel's last two cities that offered moped sharing services, as the company currently has two electric vehicle charging hubs located in Brooklyn. Last week, Revel opened a third "superhub" charging station in Queens. 
"I can confirm that Revel’s CEO Frank Reig informed all employees Friday that the company is bringing an end to its shared electric moped service and will now fully focus on its all-EV, all-employee rideshare and public fast charging businesses," says Robert Familiar, a spokesperson at Revel. 
"Revel is currently developing large public fast charging networks in America’s two densest metros, New York and the Bay Area. The last day of moped service will be Nov. 18," Familiar said.
Revel customers in Brooklyn say that the news came as a shock.
"I feel having the bikes is a good thing but, business wise if it's not progressing, they have to make a change." Steve Green, a Bedford-Stuyvesant resident said.