Smelly situation: Greenpoint woman says bad odor is impacting health

Several Greenpoint residents have been smelling a bad odor around parts of their community, and they say it’s been impacting their health.
People tell News 12 the odor is very similar to gasoline fumes. Mary Cinadr said it made her so sick that the Department of Health had to relocate her out of her apartment.

Cinadr says she started smelling the fumes back in February, and was feeling sick soon after. She called the Department of Environmental Conservation and the Department of Health.
She says over the course of several months, they have come out to do tests but that very little has been done to fix the problem.
She says the DEC gave her a fan to remove the odor from her apartment, but that only made it worse.
Cinadr says other neighbors were also noticing the odor, and they joined a group to try to get local leaders to do something about it.

She says the DOH and DEC have not told her what exactly it is residents are smelling.

Longtime residents say the odors have been around for a while. Some came together to create a map showing where the odors are coming from.

The DEC says it is conducting an investigation and has so far found that, "The majority of air testing results revealed low-level background readings typically found in a sewer system."

There will be a community board meeting Tuesday night to discuss the issue.