Three officers reunite with child whose life they saved at medal award ceremony

On Thursday night, Zion and his family reunited with Zion’s heroes – Officer Dylan Lynch, Sgt. Kyle Barnett, and inspector Griffith.

Mary-Lyn Buckley and Adolfo Carrion

Jan 5, 2024, 3:42 AM

Updated 171 days ago


Members of the NYPD received medals at a ceremony on Thursday night, with each one honoring an officer for a heroic moment that helped make a difference.  
Three officers walked across the stage and couldn’t help but notice a familiar face in the audience – a little boy named Zion. 
The three officers rushed to the aid of 1-year-old Zion in October 2021 after receiving a 911 call that he wasn’t breathing.  
“We didn’t know at the time if this baby was going to survive or not, and when sergeant went in and the officers got there, the baby was in distress. He needed immediate medical care and these cards, and sergeant made the right decision,” said Inspector Rohan Griffith.  
Officers rushed through Brooklyn streets and performed CPR on Zion as they carried him into the emergency room, saving his life.
Zion and his family were reunited with Zion’s heroes – Officer Dylan Lynch, Officer Bryant Blake, and Sgt. Kyle Barnett after the ceremony.

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