1 person in custody after owners allegedly let dogs loose that killed community cat at Breukelen Houses

Witnesses say a beloved cat was killed when two people let their dogs loose to attack him.
Latonya Walker says Tuxedo was part of a colony of feral cats that she and others fed and cared for at the Breukelen Houses.
On Jan. 13, Walker says two people let their two dogs loose on Tuxedo. She says when the cat climbed up a tree to escape, the owners of the dogs knocked him down and let their dogs maul him to death.
Over 17,000 signed an online petition created by animalvictory.org demanding that the NYPD investigate the death of Tuxedo and arrest the two people responsible.
Walker says she'll continue caring for the cats while also continuing her mission to trap, neuter/spay and release them.
The NYPD tells News 12 they have arrested 28-year-old Fulton Gordon.
Police say he is charged with torture, injury and not feeding an animal.