Police: 12 arrested for break-in at Chabad Headquarters in Crown Heights

Authorities say a dozen people were arrested Monday night following a break-in and vandalism at the Chabad Lubavitch Headquarters synagogue in Crown Heights.
According to a spokesperson for the Chabad, a group of "extremist students" gained unauthorized access to the building at 770 Eastern Pkwy. by breaking through walls of adjacent properties.
The Chabad ordered a cement truck to repair the holes Monday afternoon. When the suspects found out, the Chabad says they attempted to disrupt the repairs by breaking inside the synagogue.
Citizen app video captured the moments people were seen throwing furniture, arguing with officers and emerging from the gaping hole in the wall. Others were seen escaping from grates in the sidewalk.
Members of the Chabad say the action of a few individuals does not define their institution.
The building was closed to members Tuesday morning. They were only allowed to enter for small periods of time. The Department of Buildings is investigating the structural stability of the building.
Charges for the 12 suspects arrested are still pending.