President Biden will travel to NY Thursday discuss mayor’s blueprint, gun violence across the city

Amid a recent spike in gun violence citywide and following funerals for two recently fallen NYPD detectives, President Joe Biden is set to travel to New York on Thursday. 
President Biden is meeting with Mayor Eric Adams to discuss his recent blueprint to end gun violence. 
"We have to tackle the violent gun crimes if we expect to have a true 5 borough equitable recovery of our economy,” said President and CEO of the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce Randy Peers. 
The rate of shooting victims is up 83% citywide, according to police. 
Peers says that while this is devastating it also has a huge impact on small business recovery as well. 
"Economic Development 101 is you have to have safe public facilities, and have to have safe streets, in order to encourage investment, get shoppers to come out, and to really spur the economy,” said Peers. 
Peers says between the pandemic and the recent surge in gun violence, New York City businesses have had the odds stacked against them. 
During Thursday’s visit, President Biden will meet with Mayor Adams at NYPD’s headquarters to discuss the issue.